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The history of our hotel

During the various sieges of neighbouring Maastricht, Rekem had to endure a great deal in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries as a result of the plundering and billeting of various armies. Rekem did its best to defend itself against these incursions by building ramparts in three sections, complete with 5 gates to the town, of which unfortunately only one has survived: the Ucoverpoort.

As was the case back then, the townscape of Rekem is still dominated by the imposing 16th century moated Aspremont-Lynden castle, St. Pieterskerk and the church of the Franciscan Minderbroeders.

A few details about the Franciscan Minderbroeders in Rekem:

1707: construction of monastery and church

1710: church consecrated

1725: Latin college

1797: attacked by the French; farm until 1839

1840: owned by the Norbertines from Postel

1847: back under the ownership of the Minderbroeders

2004: departure of the final priests on 29th February; demolition of the monastery/school buildings

Situated in the imposing shadow of the Paterskerk, the last vestige of the 300-year presence of the Minderbroeders, we recently took over the former inn, “Le Bon Vivant”. 

We have since completely refurbished and redesigned the premises and were rewarded for our efforts by Flanders Tourism on 01/05/2013 with accreditation as a 3-star hotel.

Hotel Boomgaard Rekem

We opened the brand-new hotel Boomgaard (Boomgaard = orchard) for business on 1st May 2013.

It didn’t take us long to choose the name for our hotel, because on the 18th century map of the Austrian general, Joseph de Ferraris, the monastery is clearly marked, nestling between orchards. The brick wall that once bordered the whole estate provides a lasting memory of grounds of the former monastery.

HOTEL BOOMGAARD - Kri & K - Manager: Mevr. Rosmeulen - Boomgaardstraat 2    3621    Rekem    Belgium     Location
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