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What could be more delightful than knowing you have had a good night’s sleep in Rekem, the most beautiful village in Flanders, and that now, thanks to the generous breakfast buffet, you are about to make the ideal start to an enjoyable day out?

When you leave your room, you go down a long connecting corridor that automatically leads to the charming breakfast room (32 m2), which in turn adjoins another area (29 m2) where between 8.00 and 10.00 am for a go-as-you-please buffet that you are invited to go back to as often as you like. Who could possibly resist that?

Hopefully the weather will be fine, which gives you a great chance of enjoying breakfast outside on the terrace in the lovely morning sunshine. And, who knows – it may even last for the rest of the day!

Making plans in the morning, looking back on the day’s activities in the evening, or simply whiling away the time: whatever you feel like doing, the delightful sitting area with flatscreen is just a short stroll away.

If for any reason you are unable to enjoy the breakfast buffet, no problem – we can always supply you with a tasty packed lunch, provided you ask for one at reception beforehand.

HOTEL BOOMGAARD - Kri & K - Manager: Mevr. Rosmeulen - Boomgaardstraat 2    3621    Rekem    Belgium     Location
TEL : +32 (0)89 47 15 17    GSM : +32 (0)475 73 53 34     FAX : +32 (0)89 47 37 90      VAT: BE 0897972877

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